Preparation, application, storage and transportation of neutral sodium silicate liquid

Neutral sodium silicate liquid, a colorless or slightly colored transparent or semi-transparent viscous liquid, also known as sodium silicate solution or water glass, is an essential inorganic salt substance. It is made by mixing sodium silicate with water in a particular proportion, with good stability and excellent functional characteristics. It has high solubility in water, is neutral in acid and alkali, and is not easy to react with other substances. It has a wide range of applications.

(neutral sodium silicate liquid)

Preparation method of neutral sodium silicate liquid

  1. Mixing sodium silicate and water: Mix sodium silicate powder with water in a particular proportion, stir and dissolve to obtain a neutral sodium silicate liquid.
  2. Chemical synthesis method: By chemical reaction, sodium silicate reacts with acid or other reagents to produce a neutral sodium silicate liquid.

Application fields of neutral sodium silicate liquids

  1. Building materials: Neutral sodium silicate liquid is used as an additive in building materials, improving cement’s strength and durability. In addition, it can also react with calcium ions to form calcium silicate gel, which can fill the micro pores in concrete and improve its compactness and impermeability.
  2. Metal repair: Sodium silicate and magnesium silicate work together to form a thick slurry layer on metal surfaces such as mufflers, thereby repairing and protecting the metal surface.
  3. Automotive repair: Inject liquid sodium silicate into the center of the car’s head parts, such as the engine, and form a strong sealant through high temperature to repair the parts.
  4. Aquaculture: It can be used as an incubation substrate for algae growth in aquaculture.
  5. Food preservation: Eggs preserved with liquid sodium silicate can be stored for 9 months.
  6. Wood treatment: Wood treated with sodium silicate is more insect-resistant and flame-retardant.
(neutral sodium silicate liquid)

Storage and transportation of neutral sodium silicate liquid

Method for storing neutral sodium silicate liquid:

  1. Storage environment: Neutral sodium silicate liquid should be stored in a dry, calm, and well-ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight and high-temperature environments.
  2. Container selection: Choose a container with good sealing and leakproof for storage.
  3. Avoid contact with areas with high humidity: Sodium silicate is prone to absorbing moisture, which can cause it to lose its activity.

Precautions for transporting neutral sodium silicate liquids:

  1. Strictly follow the dangerous goods assembly table for assembly.
  2. Confirm whether the packaging container is completely sealed and whether the container is not leaking, collapsing, falling, or damaged during transportation.
  3. The transportation carriage needs to be cleaned and disinfected; otherwise, other items cannot be shipped.
  4. When transporting on the highway, following the prescribed route and not deviating from the route at will is necessary.
(neutral sodium silicate liquid)


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