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The economic benefits of SKF bearing repair

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Generally speaking, SKF bearing types are small, the quantity is large, the price of a single SKF bearing is high, or the structure of SKF bearing is simple. The larger the size, the lower the maintenance cost and the higher the economic benefit.
In addition, you can also monitor the operating status of SKF bearings, and effectively repair SKF bearings on foot, and you only need to spend half the effort to get twice the results. After a reasonable process, the use of efficient maintenance equipment and items, and the assistance of a professional SKF bearing factory will help improve economic efficiency.
Cause analysis of "black spots" on the surface of SKF bearing rings
According to reports in the literature, "black spots" defects are caused by aggregated inclusions. Scanning electron microscope observation and energy spectrum analysis show that the "black spots" on the surface of SKF bearings are mainly caused by pitting corrosion caused by chlorine, sodium and potassium ions. Aggregate inclusions. During the pickling process, the pickling solution will introduce chloride ions. When part of the oxide film on the metal surface is damaged for some reason (may be scratched or scratched), it will cause the Cl- in the residual acid to invade. It reacts with the metal on the surface to become an anode, and the rest becomes anode. The cathode forms a miniature battery.
As a result, the metal surface is corroded into many corrosion pits, and Cr-containing carbides are not easily corroded and stored. The alkali produced by the cathodic reaction around the etch pit promotes passivation and therefore inhibits corrosion. During the turning process, the SKF bearing tube brings sodium and potassium ions into the coolant, and their intrusion accelerates corrosion. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar phenomena, it is necessary to strictly prevent the workpiece from contacting with chlorine, sodium, potassium and other ionic media during the manufacturing process.
When pickling the surface oxide scale, the residual acid must be cleaned, and the coolant on the surface should be cleaned after turning. liquid. According to this measure, similar situations will not occur in future production.
Through electron microscopy and energy spectrum analysis, it is found that the "black spots" defects are caused by pitting corrosion caused by the uncleaned pickling solution during processing, and then the promotion of Na and K cations in the coolant.

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