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Maintenance and repair of bearings

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Maintenance, repair and troubleshooting


In order to maintain the original performance of the rolling bearing and use it in good condition for a long time as far as possible, the bearing must be inspected and maintained regularly to prevent faults, ensure reliable operation and improve efficiency and benefits.

Maintenance shall be carried out regularly according to the operating conditions and operating standards of the machine. These include monitoring of operating conditions, replenishing or replacing lubricants, and periodic disassembly and inspection. Maintenance matters during operation include the rotation of the bearing, vibration, temperature, the state of the lubricant and so on. If the abnormal state is found during operation, take Table 2 as a reference to find out the cause and take corresponding countermeasures. Inspect the disassembled bearing carefully as required. For matters after disassembly, please refer to the maintenance of bearing mentioned in paragraph 5 above.


NSK bearing anomaly detector


It is very important to predict the abnormal condition of bearing in operation.NSK bearing abnormal detector can monitor the bearing condition during operation. Once an abnormal condition occurs, it will give an alarm or stop automatically. It can not only prevent failure but also realize scientific maintenance.


Bearing damage and countermeasures


In general, the correct use of bearings can achieve fatigue life. But if an accidental early injury occurs, it cannot be used again. Unlike fatigue life, this early damage is called a failure or accident. Many causes are due to poor consideration in installation, use and lubrication, foreign matter invading from outside or insufficient research on the shaft and bearing pedestal. The damaged state of the bearing, such as the abrasion of the roller bearing ring on the edge, may be caused by insufficient lubricant, improper grade, defective oil supply and discharge structure, foreign matter invasion, bearing installation error, or excessive deflection of the shaft, or may be caused by a combination of the above reasons.

Therefore, only investigating the bearing damage, it is difficult to know the real cause of the damage. However, if on the basis of fully understanding the bearing machine, working condition and its peripheral structure, make clear the situation before and after the failure, and then combine the bearing damage situation and various related reasons for analysis, similar failures can be prevented again.

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