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Fe3O4 realizes the 10-nanometer structure

wallpapers Tech 2020-09-24
The research team of Osaka University in Japan cooperated with the Japan Institute of Industrial Technology to realize the nanostructure of Fe3O4, a strongly correlated oxide with a size of 10 nanometers (nm) in the three-dimensional direction. In the ultra-small nano sample, The phase transition characteristics were observed for the first time.

The electrical conductivity of magnetite changes with the phase transition of the metal-insulator. It is a material that has attracted much attention in both primary and application aspects. Previous studies have shown that when Fe3O4 is made into nanometer size, the defect density will increase, and the phase transition will disappear. This time, by combining high-quality nanostructure manufacturing technology and 10nm micro-gap electrode manufacturing technology, the nanostructures produced have a lower defect density than micro-millimetre-sized samples. They can take advantage of the excellent phase change characteristics of Fe3O4 itself. As a result, the metal-insulator phase transition mechanism of magnetite is expected to be applied to nanoelectronic devices with a size below 10nm.

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