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The Solution To Avoid The Malignant Bearings Fever

wallpapers News 2020-04-27

The temperature of heat treatment and solution treatment of bearings parts is not too high, and the heating time is not too long, the heating temperature should not be higher than 1150 "C, the heating time is calculated as 1-l_5min / mm. Lcrl8Ni9Ti stainless steel body or flange When the parts are exposed to overheating, the orange peel-like appearance is likely to be lacking. If the office is interrupted, the machine should be covered with an oil-paper-plastic film or roughly similar materials. Then the lubricant for the smooth bearings is changed.

Strictly control the forging heating temperature and heating time of lcrl8Ni9] stainless steel box and flange parts to avoid the overheating of the workpiece and the lack of coarse grains.

After these three steps, you can take good care of your bearings, significantly increase the service life, and save your operating costs. bearings that use engine oil lubricating oil should be refilled with new engine oils and let the machine rotate at low speed for a few minutes if it is possible to remove old engine oil. It is much more economical to change the bearings within a period of regular shutdown protection and maintenance for some time than the loss of sudden shutdown due to the damage caused by the array. As much as possible, the motor oil will cause the remaining contaminants to come together and then drain these oils.

For the thick workpieces of the overheated group, it can be considered appropriate to use the method of refining and refining grains to eliminate the defects, to avoid the appearance of orange peel defects during the cold deformation, and to improve the appearance quality of the workpieces.

Investigating lubricants for bearings

When investigating the bearings, do not expose the bearings to the background of contaminants or moisture.

In the production of forging and pressing, if the forging ratio is too small, the final forging temperature is too high, and it is easy to reveal the lack of coarse grain groups. The forging rate of the workpiece should be appropriate and sufficient, and the final forging temperature is moderate.

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