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The touch screen on my Sony Xperia smartphone didn't work properly

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The touch screen on my Sony Xperia smartphone didn't work properly, what should I do?
If your touch screen is too sensitive, automatic, unresponsive, or less sensitive, you can try the following solutions.
1. The performance of the touch screen may be affected by dust, heat, or the use of a device cover or screen protector
If you already have a screen protector installed on your device, make sure it fits. Make sure there are no bubbles, dust, or moisture under the screen protector.
Remove any protective case or lid from your device to make sure it doesn't interfere with the touch screen.
Wipe the screen with a clean, dry cloth to make sure the touch screen is clean. Make sure your hands and fingers are clean and dry before using the touch screen.
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2. If a Sony Xperia device overheats, touch functionality may be affected
Let your Sony phone cool down before you try the touch screen. Turn off your device, then turn it back on. By doing so, you can close all running applications and free up memory, which can sometimes solve the problem of insensitive touch functionality.
3. Force the smartphone to restart or shut down
When the device stops responding or fails to restart normally, you can force the device to restart or shut down. No Settings or personal data will be deleted during the forced restart.
4. You can also use the built-in detection feature on your Sony Xperia phone to test the touch screen functionality
Turn on your smartphone
Perform a quick test to evaluate the touch screen functionality of the Xperia device.
If your device supports glove mode, be sure to turn it off when you are not wearing gloves.
Turn off glove mode
If you have problems charging your device, be sure to charge your device using the original SONY charger and USB cable. Other chargers may compromise the touch screen's functionality.
5. The SD card may be affected
If your device has a memory card, remove it and restart the device. If removing the memory card solves this problem, your SD card may be damaged. In this case, you need to replace the SD card for your Xperia device.
6. The installation of the application fails
Use safe mode to check if any downloaded applications are causing problems. In safe mode, your Sony Xperia device will only open the software and apps that were pre-installed when you bought the smartphone. If the device's performance improves while in safe mode, one or more applications downloaded after your purchase may have a negative impact on the device.
You can exit safe mode and restart the device, and then uninstall the application that you suspect is causing the problem. If the problem is recent and you're not sure which app is causing the problem, you can uninstall the recently downloaded app first. Then enable safe mode.
7. Check system updates
You go to the Settings screen to check if your device has been updated recently, and then update your device to ensure that you have the best performance and the latest enhancements.
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