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Post-processing items of gypsum lightweight partition board project and construction service life

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Post-stage project of gypsum lightweight partition board
After the construction of the gypsum lightweight partition board is completed by the correct steps, detailed work must be done in the later stage, which can improve the building performance and extend the service life. So what are the post-construction projects of the lightweight partition board?
Post-construction works of lightweight partition board
1. Plastering treatment of lightweight partition board, which can be processed only after the slats are installed firmly;
2. The selection of mortar is very important. It is necessary to choose medium-coarse sand. At the same time, add plasticizer to the mortar to increase the compressive resistance of the mortar and ensure that there are no cracks on the wall after treatment;
Third, the installation of lightweight partition wallboard, remember to wash the wall with water before plastering, and then smear the wall with cement mortar, and then use cement mortar for plastering after it is dry;
4. For the plastering process of lightweight partition panels in kitchen and bathroom engineering, the most important thing is to carry out waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, which is what we usually call the need to apply a waterproofing agent to the wall.
Construction life of gypsum lightweight partition board
Lightweight composite wallboard is processed from industrial waste, plant fiber, Portland cement, EPS, calcium silicate panels, and other inorganic raw materials, so its corrosion resistance is extremely strong. The building service life is more than 100, and the licensed cement product used in the lightweight partition board has the same performance as this cement, so it not only has a good thermal insulation effect but can continue to reach a building life of 100 years.
At present, most thermal insulation building materials are organic materials, and the building life of organic materials is 20-25 years. Therefore, buildings using traditional thermal insulation building materials generally begin to age and weather after 20 years of use, so they need to be carried out for 2 to 4 years. Secondary thermal insulation treatment, this repeated construction method has caused great losses to our buildings.
A lightweight partition board not only has a good thermal insulation effect but also can meet the basic requirements of any building. Therefore, it is completely effective that the service life of lightweight partition board construction reaches 100 years.
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