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Properties and applications of Nanodiamond|TRUNNANO

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Properties and applications of Nanodiamond|TRUNNANO
What is Nanodiamond? 
Nanodiamond is a solid, the cubic modification of carbon and a precious mineral. Its crystal structure is formed by a three-dimensional framework of tetrahedrons in which each carbon atom is surrounded by four neighbors They are covalently bonded. All neighbors have the same distance to the central carbon atom. Nano-diamond is widely used in various fields. It is easy to combine with metal, rubber, plastic polymer and fabric surface. Nano-diamond can be used in lubricating oil, solid lubricant and lubricating coolant, grinding and polishing, etc

Applications of Nanodiamond
Due to its unique properties, nano-diamond has been widely used in precision polishing and lubrication, chemical catalysis, composite coating, high-performance metal matrix composites, chemical analysis and biomedicine. Nano-diamond is added to the lubricating oil to change sliding friction into rolling friction, and the surface of friction pair is gradually modified to form hard and slippery metal carbide. Its anti-friction and anti-wear effect is incomparable with organic chemical method, which can improve the working life of engine and transmission device, save fuel oil and reduce surface wear. Nano-diamond film has many excellent properties in optical properties, so nano-diamond film is an ideal film material for most optical Windows. Nano-diamond film has excellent field emission properties and plays an important role in biomedicine. It is an appropriate material for surface wear resistant coating of artificial bone and joint.
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